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The Global Peace Centre aims to create a new human agenda for survival by looking at the basic causes behind the global crisis and identifying the problems - not just the symptoms - and then finding  the solutions. The emphasis will be innovation, viewing entrenched problems from a new perspective and deriving practical answers rather than just talking.



The creation of a planetary peace and ecological culture, i.e. a sustainable civilisation. 
The communication technology and the media. 
Evolution of consumption and macro economy as a result of changes in consciousness, value system , need structure, education reform and human development.
Economic empowerment of the developing world by the rich countries by mobilising human development. 
Human development as a prerequisite to the development of true civilisation
The use of innovative forms of education which recapture the essence and heart of education.
An understanding of the power of the human potential, including the power of the mind to devise appropriate technologies.
The integration of scientific disciplines and scientific knowledge with consciousness 

A substantially new manner of thinking is required integrating all sciences and creating a holistic approach which takes into account the inextricable relationship between life and all phenomena.

Education, knowledge and wisdom are very powerful tools for the survival of humankind. The more thought we put into our survival, the more solutions we will get. An open dialogue is the key to our success because it addresses differences, difficulties and barriers, and creates co-operation. 


Although the media tend to sensationalise destruction, exploitation, greed and sexuality, there is a way in which the media can, in fact, exalt ecological culture, peace and the values associated with this.

Global Peace Centre also aims to re-appraise what it means to be a human being, and seeks to create a new paradigm for survival. We require a major change in human consciousness if we are to survive.  



The Loss of Values and the Loss of Dreams

The most underused and misused resource on the planet is the human mind. Although we may have finite natural, ecological resources, we have one infinite resource, which is the human mind and spirit. This may be the only resource which will save our planet.

The famous Russian scientist and Academician, Dr Vladimir Vernadsky, in the first half of the 20th Century, saw the future of humanity linked to a model of reality called the Noosphere, which is a noetic science of consciousness and the world of inner experience. The noetic science, reappraises the nature of the human being and its relationship with the cosmos, integrating western science with eastern wisdom.


The root problem is that our social life and our economic and technological development is grounded in the old, but still predominant paradigm based on the intellectual achievements of Newton and Descartes, who saw the world mechanistically and reductively. This has been overturned by the work of Einstein who showed that the new paradigm is based on the relationship and connection with the thing observed. What we see must be relative and influenced by what we are, how we are and where we are. The old paradigm works well for mechanisms and technology, but does not work when we try and understand consciousness and psychosocial issues.


Tolstoy, in War and Peace, said 'the highest wisdom has but one science, the science of the whole -the science explaining the whole of creation and man's placement'.


The measures aimed at preventing ecological catastrophe and transition to sustainable development, whether it be technological, economic and or ecological, will be doomed to failure unless we free ourselves from the old scientific, intellectual paradigm.

In our printed and visual media we find sensationalism, and no integration of news or proper analysis, as news tends to serve political purposes . Our news media tends to create an erroneous picture of reality and draw people away from serious reflection. There is no public voice. Even in Universities there seems to be no integration between different specialties and information is narrowly focussed.


It is no wonder that our young people are worried and often angry. Their lives are changing, but they feel there is no future, as they feel there is nothing left. Our young people nowadays grow up so quickly due to the influence of the media, particularly social media  and  television. The destructive influence of mass media video games and addiction to cell phones selfies and facebook on the developing psyche of children and teenagers has a deleterious effect on the creation of the integrated personality.


Parental care is lost as parents go out to work under the increasingly stressful working environment. In this situation, they are not able to substitute money, property, social status, and material needs with the creation of values.

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The New Paradigm Integrating Spirituality & Science

Einstein, 50 years ago, said 'if humanity is to survive, there has to be a substantially new manner of thinking.' He also said 'A human being is part of the whole that we call the universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences in himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest a kind of optical illusion of his consciousness. This illusion is a prison for us restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for only the few people nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living beings and all of nature.'


Vaclav Havel, echoed this statement when he became President of Czechoslovakia, stating that there needs to be a massive change in consciousness if humankind is to survive.


The root problem is that although we have made great leaps in technological science, and our physical knowledge has expanded, our development is based on an inadequate understanding of the world generally, as well as of human beings and human life. Our science serves technological development, but it is incapable of predicting the consequences of the interaction of technology with nature.


The new vision of reality requires us to review our origins, the nature of evolution and the basic cause behind the need of healing for the individual, society and the global civilisation We have to reevaluate ourselves and our mode of development as the prime cause of the problems we are facing.


In this respect, the new frontier is the new paradigm which is the new spirituality that encompasses a consciousness of oneness where all of life on Earth is connected and not separate.


The great Copernican revolution of the 21st Century is to realise the nature of universal consciousness spirit and soul.


Great inventions, great thought and creativity come from a higher order of intelligence and consciousness. Education, in our view should be based on this concept of human potential and the hidden abilities within all human beings. 


A new ethos implies a belief in universal abundance actualised by the creative potential of human minds. The key to this abundance is the creation of a new kind of non-polluting energy, which gives humanity the opportunity to meet all of humanity's needs.


Our civilization is changing rapidly. As a result, we are entering the so called post-industrial or the information society.


The computer information and technological revolution now occurring should be accompanied by new ways that actualise the global mind and vastly enhance the creative potential and access to freedom for all humanity.

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Now is the time that millions of people need to awaken to their sense of truth, freedom, co-operation and connectedness with all of life.

What is needed, we believe, is a new science that can integrate the mind and its abilities with the whole phenomenon of human productiveness, technology and the environment. This means that we have integration instead of fragmentation into the various subjects that are taught in universities, which are differentiated and separated into various disciplines. This means that we produce graduates versed in the whole phenomenon of life.

This is possible because science already has come to a new level of understanding of the new paradigm. This paradigm should become the basis for new education systems, new information policies, and a means to building relationships between people, nations, social groups etc.

Education, in this sense, is giving to people throughout the planet an understanding of what they have in common despite their races, religions, ideologies, cultures, traditions, beliefs and spiritualities - enabling them to realise their backgrounds, their origins and potential and individual destinies within the common ground of human life and existence.

Openness is a prerequisite of education. It is also the prerequisite of communication.

New forms of communication are needed, involving the media, which will help to educate people by enabling them to realise the depth and power of the human spirit and the ability of people to heal themselves and to create peace.


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