The Living Universe

There may be a renewal of interest in mindfulness meditation in the western society, due to the increase in stress in the community, but this is a tiny proportion of the total world.

Religion per say the bulwark of global society has lost its common ground.

It has become marinated in to divided often conflicting belief systems.

Belief has a profound effect on the functioning of the brain. Herbert Benson the Harvard physician said the brain is hardwired for faith and belief systems entrain the neocortex into ways of thinking and behaviour.

The temporal lobes are the gatekeepers to mystical experience and the common ground of higher consciousness.

The challenge to our global society is to awaken to the quantum field of reality.

Every human being is at heart a mystic.

The common ground is our inextricable relationship between life and all phenomena.

We have to awaken to our deep relationships with ourselves and all of nature which goes beyond theological and theocratic dogmas, to the essence of truth which binds all humanity.

This deep truth indeed is found in the heart and core of all religious belief and is summated under the title of the acausal process of creation and consciousness

Indeed from a scientific point of view the universe is a self referential biological conscious process

In which humanity has a significant part to play on this planet.

Quantum science shows that everything is alive and all things are connected in a state of oneness.

The Buddha Nichiren stated;

In The Unanimous Declaration by the Buddhas of the Three Existences. 1279

Living beings in the nine worlds sleep in an ignorance that accompanies them each moment of their lives, drowned in dreams of the realm of birth and death, forgetful of the waking state of original enlightenment, clinging to dreamlike rights and wrongs, moving from darkness into darkness.

The wonder of the Buddha mind and the wonder of the mind of living beings—these two wonders are subsumed within the mind of the individual, and therefore we may say that outside of this mind there is no teaching.

This mind that is beyond comprehension constitutes the core teaching of the sutras and treatises. And one who is awake to and understands this mind is called a Thus Come One.

These three paragraphs express essential truths stating the need for humanity to awaken to the true mind of the cosmos whether called the Buddha of enlightenment or the ultimate truth expressed as the nature of God.

In The Nag Hammadi Library -- The Gospel of Truth. (Translated by Robert M. Grant)

He is the one who set the All in order and in whom the All existed and whom the All lacked. As one of whom some have no knowledge, he desires that they know him and that they love him. For what is it that the All lacked, if not the knowledge of the Father?

In this Christian gnostic text probably written in Greek, between 140 and 180 by Valentinian Gnostics. Once again the ancient wisdom is expressed in mystical format related to an infinite loving universe from which all phenomena originated.

Both these texts express the very nature of humankind and each human being as awakened when recognising the inherent livingness compassion inherent truth and integrity of the universe.

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