We require a major change in human consciousness if we are to survive. 
Artistic, creative and innovative vision and new ways of thinking are the basis for action and actioning through integrated approaches.


Defusing The Crisis: Gaining a Breathing Space

What immediate strategies should be adopt to help preserve peace and environmental security for the next ten years and thereby reduce the risk of global nuclear confrontation and irreversible damage to our civilisation base and planetary resource occurring before such time as new management policies can be applied?


How can we strengthen the potential for peace within society?

What long-term strategies should we adopt to achieve sustainable peace?

Building a New Economic Order

The Energy Solution Revolution is a social and political mandate to create awareness and a movement to develop these sources as soon as possible for the sake of all humanity and the Earth. 

How will we manage corporate responsibility and values of major financial institutions: multinationals, banks, agencies, market, governments? What practical form of long term economic management on a sustainable, steady-state basic can you envisage?


When there is one soldier for every 49 people in the world and one doctor for thousands of people we realise the basic inequality in our values and the misinformation which is given to us from school onwards to universities which are so divided in their disciplines that there is no integration or understanding of how wisdom in its very essence is inter linked and connected a whole just as our spirit, body and minds are units in a greater whole. 

Readjustment of Priorities

Environmental deregulation, unbridled financial speculation, unlimited growth and unregulated free trade based on globalisation, relentless resource exploitation globally, institutionalised fraud and financial manipulation, market rigging, the interplay of powerful economic actors, and the appropriation of enormous amounts of wealth by a small global monetocracy are feeding an impending global social catastrophe. It is important that we understand what we are up against.

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The Global Peace Centre fosters the cooperative exchange of innovative knowledge for the future, bringing people together in a human potential movement.

Ask the UN (including the UNEP, UNESCO, UNCSD and other bodies)

- To support ideas and proposals on developing and putting into practice a new informational and educational policy based on the new scientific and intellectual paradigm to develop and establish new educational programs for different national social and, age groups. 

- To establish educational programs for teachers, and for different social and age groups.

- To involve key representatives of politics, business, culture and the arts.

- To elaborate and enhance the conception of eco-settlements understanding the profound connection between dwellings and the environment in which they exist and to provide support to eco-settlements from international, governmental and non governmental entities.

To call all the World's scientists to take part in developing the intellectual basis for forming a sustainable civilisation.

A substantially new manner of thinking is required integrating all sciences and creating a holistic approach which takes into account the inextricable relationship between life and all phenomena. Such a science needs to integrate scientific materialism and consciousness and requires a profound change in human values and attitudes.

Ask all medical doctors and health professionals

To support a form of medicine which is integrative, health giving and gives individuals the opportunity to take responsibility for their own lives and the opportunity to arrest the development of degenerative disease or prevent it altogether.

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Ask business and community groups

To consider our proposals in developing a new sector in the market: on ecologically sound production, primarily in food and medicine, placing emphasis on organic foods, sustainable agricultural practices and cellular and herbal medicines.

A new sector for the solution of our global problems would also include education (training courses), publications, centres designed specifically for health promotion, preventative health, self care, ecological education and spiritual development. Our children need oxygen, water, food, trees and grass and a sustainable environment more than material possessions in order to thrive.

Appeal to the young people of the world

To seek unity within diversity, cohesion where there is fragmentation and resolution where there is conflict. We ask them to take on the responsibility for this brilliant jewel of our planet and seek to acquire a deep and abiding passion and knowledge for life itself. A profound cultivation of true civilisation requires a broad and deep understanding of the nature of humanity, earth, the cosmos and the culture of their nation and all nations. It requires a profound love and respect for all peoples and the living biodiversity of nature itself.

Ask governments to support our concerns and ideas and to establish appropriate state institutes, to initiate programmes aimed at focusing on scientific activities as a matter of urgency o

- New ways of thinking about our place on Earth and the ways in which we relate to the functioning of natural systems if we are to find a better way to live in harmony with nature.

- Formulating new ways in industry and agriculture, making a possible a sustainable world.

- Reforming educational systems based on the new paradigm.

- National strategies to create the conditions for

     o Human and social development
     o Environmentally friendly economies
     o Poverty reduction 

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